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What is Credential Manager and how to find it in Windows 10

Windows 10 is able to store login information for websites, connected applications, and networks. Windows Credential Manager is where you mange those login details aka credentials.

Credential Manager will allow you to view, add, edit or delete your login credentials.

How to find Windows Credential Manager in Windows 10

Step 01: Type “Credential Manager” into Windows 10 search or open Control Panel and select “Credential Manager” from the list of items.

Three ways to search Windows 10 include:

  • Right Click the Start Menu icon on the taskbar and select “Search”.
  • Open the Start Menu and start typing – this will automatically open search.
  • If enabled, use the search bar in your taskbar.

To navigate to the Control Panel, either type “Control Panel” into Windows 10 search or open the Start Menu, view all apps, scroll to the start menu folder called “Windows System”, click it and then select “Control Panel”.

If the full list is not visible, change the “view by” option (located above the items on the right) to large icons to show all Control Panel items.

Step 02: Credential Manager should open.