Dead Man’s Hand (2023) – Official trailer, all release dates, synopsis and cast

An official trailer has been released for the western movie Dead Man’s Hand.

According to the official synopsis — Gunslinger Reno (Jack Kilmer) is headed west for a quiet life with his new bride. But when their stagecoach is ambushed, he kills an outlaw in self-defense. In a nearby town, Reno learns that the man he slayed is the brother of the corrupt mayor, Bishop (Stephen Dorff), who vows revenge. After their card game turns into a bloody shootout, who will be left standing? Actor Cole Hauser appears as a U.S. Marshal who becomes Reno’s ally.

Directed by Brian Skiba, the film will star Stephen Dorff, Jack Kilmer and Cole Hauser.

It is scheduled to be released in theaters, on demand and on digital, on July 7th 2023.

A DVD release is set for August 22nd, 2023.