R.A.D.A.R.: The Bionic Dog (2023) – Official trailer, release date, synopsis and cast

An official trailer has been released for the movie R.A.D.A.R.: The Bionic Dog, starring Dean Cain, Ezra Lerario and Paul Wilson.

Described as a hilarious family adventure movie, according to the official synopsis — Gabe and Kylie hunt for lost pirate treasure, hoping to bring tourists to their sleepy Florida town and save Gabe’s mom’s diner. When they find a precious sapphire, they’re helped by R.A.D.A.R., a clever dog who’s actually a robot! But the mad scientist who invented the treasure-hunting dog wants to steal him back, along with the town’s famous sapphire! Can Gabe and Kylie protect the dog, guard the jewel and save the town?

Directed by Scott Vandiver, it is scheduled to be released on digital and on demand, on June 27th, 2023.