The Engineer (2023) – Official trailer, release date, synopsis and cast

An official trailer has been released for the upcoming action thriller The Engineer, starring Emile Hirsch.

Based on true events, The Engineer tells the story of Yahya Ayyash, a bombmaker who was responsible for a series suicide bombings in Israel during the mid-1990s. The movie follows the biggest manhunt in Israel’s history to find him.

According to the official synopsis — As Israel is rocked by a series of terrorist bombings, a US senator’s daughter is killed in one bloody explosion. Now, ex-Mossad agent Etan (Emile Hirsch) must lead an elite, covert team of agents and mercenaries to find the man responsible—the elusive “Engineer.” Can they find and destroy the madman before more innocent lives are lost?

The film is directed by Danny A. Abeckaser and will also star Tsahi Halevi, Danny A. Abeckaser, Angel Bonanni and Omer Hazan.

The Engineer is scheduled to be released on August 18th, 2023 in theaters and on digital.