Age of Empires cheat codes

Screenshot of various active cheats in Age of Empires | Credit: 24zero
Screenshot of various active cheats in Age of Empires | Credit: 24zero

Here you will find the full list of cheat codes for Age of Empires. All codes will also work in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition as well.

Cheat codes

To use the cheat codes, press “Enter” on your keyboard to open the in-game chat window. Then type one of the codes listed below and hit “Enter” to activate.

  • pepperoni pizza – 1000 Food
  • woodstock – 1000 Wood
  • quarry – 1000 Stone
  • coinage – 1000 Gold
  • reveal map – Reveals the entire map, but does not remove fog of war
  • no fog – Removes fog of war
  • steroids – Buildings and units are created instantly, but this will affect all players
  • homerun – Win the game
  • resign – Lose the game
  • diediedie – Kills all opponents
  • kill[insert number] – Destroys specific player, for example: “kill2” will eliminate player 2
  • hari kari – Destroy yourself and lose the game
  • bigdaddy – Spawns a black rocket launcher sports car (aka Winsett’s Z), which has a higher attack damage but a slower rate of fire.
  • big momma – Spawns a white rocket launcher sports car (aka Winsett’s other Z), which has a higher rate of fire but a lower attack damage.
  • photon man – Spawns a laser trooper
  • e=mc2 trooper – Spawns a nuke trooper
  • pow – Spawns a baby on tricycle with a minigun (aka babyprez)
  • stormbilly – Spawns a Zug 209 robot
  • convert this! – Spawns a St. Francis unit which summons lightning every 3 seconds (requires temple)
  • medusa – Transforms all villagers into Medusas. When one is killed it will turn into a Black Rider and if killed again, the Black Rider will turn into a heavy catapult.
  • hoyohoyo – Grants priests 600 HP and speeds them up
  • dark rain – Changes bowmen into Stealth Archers, which can walk on water and turn into trees whilst idle.
  • upsidflintmobile – Chariot archers move and fire faster
  • black rider – All horse archers and cavalry archers turn into a black rider
  • icbm – Upgrades the range of ballistas and helepolis to 100
  • jack be nimble – Catapults will fire peasants and cows
  • big bertha – Changes all stone throwers, catapults, and heavy catapults into Big Berthas, a stronger unit compared to its counterparts.
  • flying dutchman – Changes Juggernauts into Flying Dutchman, a ship which can move on land.
  • gaia – Gives you control of animals, but you lose control of your own units. This cannot be reversed.
  • king arthur – All birds become dragons
  • grantlinkspence – Changes all animals into their alpha versions, which are more powerful.