Devilreaux (2023) – Official trailer, all release dates, synopsis and cast

An official trailer has been released for the horror thriller movie Devilreaux, starring Vincent M. Ward, Krista Grotte Saxon and Tony Todd.

According to the official synopsis — After several thrill-seeking teens go missing, Detective Bobbie Briggs (Krista Grotte Saxon) investigates the lone survivor and her incredible tale of Devilreaux (Vincent M. Ward), an undead, shovel-wielding monster seeking revenge for murders committed long ago. Now, Briggs must visit the legend’s abandoned farmhouse to confront Devilreaux himself and try to survive his vengeful, razor-sharp shovel.

Directed and written by Thomas J. Churchill and co-written by starring actor Vincent M. Ward, the film will also star Jon Briddell and Monaye Moyes.

It is scheduled to be released in theaters, on digital and on demand, on June 9th, with a DVD release to follow on July 18th, 2023.